Terms and Conditions

By using this website (ANM.Digital), you give declaration that you agree to the terms and conditions specified below. Since we can execute certain changes in these terms and conditions time to time, we recommend you to read them every time you come to this website so that no misunderstanding can occur between you and us.

ANM.DIgital (We, us, our) holds total rights of the content here on this website. Being a user, you can browse this website and can help yourself with our digital services. But, you are certainly not allowed to misuse the content or any section of the website. Also, we have full rights to restrict different parts of this website for users.

Information Collected On This Website:                                                                                         

This website gathers and uses your information following the terms given here.  We recommend you to read them carefully so that you can be attentive about its work process. It gathers the personal and non-personal information of its users when they approach to this website. Some information is gathered automatically when you come to this website. This includes your IP address, details about your operating system and browser.

When Your Personal Information Can Be Shared:

We generally do not distribute the personal information of any of our users or clients except it becomes our compulsion to do so. If you or your information becomes a risk for this website, we will have to share your personal information with the relevant third parties or authorities so that we can save the website from any danger.


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