Privacy Policy

ANM.Digital is faithful to give a safe and secure platform to its users. You shouldn’t be bothered in sharing your personal or non-personal data on this website since it follows the most highly developed and modern data security solutions. For your relief, we have also made this privacy policy of this website. I recommend you to read this policy before you use the website so that you can be alert about how this website works.

Personal Information Gathered by This Website

The website takes your personal info to provide you better and safer digital platform. Remember, you don’t need to share your personal info to browse the pages of this website. The website will only gather your name, email address, phone number, address, or some other relevant information when you will contact, subscribe or request for a consultation from us.

Non-Personal Information Gathered by This Website

The website also takes some of the non-personal information of its users. Your IP address, browser details, and some other non-personal information can be taken by us. This information is gathered to improve the work competence of this website and to provide a better occurrence to its users.

How Is Your Data Used?

The website doesn’t share your data with any third party. It keeps all of your info as private as feasible. The website uses the info when it is required to do so. The following points cover the probable use of your information by this website:

  • Your info can be used to reply to your messages, emails, queries, etc.
  • Your info can be used to send you the newest updates.
  • You will be contacted if any changes are made on the website.
  • Your info can be used to send you the latest news about consulting.
  • Your info can be used to send you newsletters. (If you are subscribed)


Links of Other Websites

If you find a link of any other site on this website, you better read the policy first of that other site. Our website doesn’t take any liability of any other website linked to it.


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